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What Can a Chef Cook In a Steam Jacketed Kettle?

Mar. 19, 2021

What Can a Chef Cook In a Steam Jacketed Kettle?

When it comes to cooking, it is sometimes difficult to choose between the best utensils to use. You worry about whether changes to new things will help in some areas, but it limits your ability to make delicious dishes in other areas. As a chef, your job is to control the kitchen and know how to make the most of your equipment.

Three ways chefs benefit from steam-jacketed kettles and braising pans

Water resistance

Through a sealed control panel, you will find that steam-jacketed kettles and braising pans provide greater reliability and are designed to prevent splashback. The sealed control panel allows the spray to land on a clean breeze and helps avoid expensive repair bills.

In addition to being able to better control the deliciousness of their cooking, there are many other benefits. One of the main benefits is faster cooking and rich menu choices.

More cooking control

As a chef, you need to ensure the consistency of all the food you cook. Doing this ensures that everyone can enjoy the same delicious food you prepare, with the same delicious taste and texture. Even if you change shifts with another chef, the consistency between the teams is perfect. Through advanced settings and controls, you can preset cooking temperatures, monitor them through the built-in digital display, and set timers to ensure everything works in your own conditions.

Precise temperature control

With precise time and temperature control, you will have greater advantages in cooking performance. Maintaining the correct temperature without having to constantly adjust it can reduce the possibility of food being overcooked. This also prevents the chance that you may damage expensive equipment because of food burns.

The combination of the two brings you faster cooking time while maintaining the deliciousness of your recipes and optimizing your performance capabilities. Steam Jacketed Kettle is the first step in preparing your meals, and the braising pan is the last step in perfecting each dish.

What about the food?

What can a chef cook use a Steam Jacketed Kettle?

From a chef's point of view, one of the biggest advantages of using a steam jacketed kettle is that you can prepare a large amount of food without having to sit there and watch the cooking process or worry about burning.

What can a chef use a braising pan?

The braising pan is very suitable for grilling and evenly cooking meat (such as steak, ground beef, etc.).

Prepare delicious menus with steam jacketed kettles and braising pans

As you adapt to using a steam jacketed kettle and braising pan or consider switching to one, it is important to understand what you are going to cook, how long it will cook them, and how much you can cook.

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