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Fried Food Processing Technology (Part 1)

Sep. 15, 2020

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1. What oil is suitable for high-temperature frying

The smoke point and melting point of the oil determine the cooking method, the unsaturated fatty acid determines the health of the oil, and the aromatic organic matter dissolved in the oil determines the flavor of the oil. The same raw material, using different processing techniques, contains different ingredients, and has different applicability. Fried food is mainly cooked with oil as the heat transfer medium. Low-temperature frying (50-60% oil temperature) is about 130°C to 170°C, and high-temperature frying (70-80% oil temperature) is about 170°C To 230°C, the smoke point of the oil generally used for frying is higher than 230°C. In theory, the higher the smoke point, the more suitable for frying, so that too many harmful substances will not be generated during the frying process.

Among the many fats and oils, which oil is suitable for frying? The first thing we should consider is that the heating temperature of the oil is generally higher when frying food, and the stability and oxidation rate of the oil under high-temperature conditions.

Industrial Gas Fryer

Industrial Gas Fryer

1) Consider from the oxidation rate

Due to the different fatty acids contained in oils, the oxidation rate varies greatly. Saturated fats have the highest stability and are the least prone to oxidation. The higher the degree of saturation of the fat used for frying, the less likely it is to oxidize, and the fewer lipid peroxides are produced. Therefore, the fat used for frying food is preferably saturated fatty acid. Palm oil> animal oil> olive oil, wild tea oil> peanut oil> corn oil> soybean oil> rapeseed oil> sesame oil, flax oil, etc.

2) Consider the stability of fat

Among the natural oils, the relatively stable oils include tallow, cocoa butter, etc., with a stability value of 2.3-2.4, followed by lard and palm oil, with a stability value of 1.5-2.0, and the stability of peanut oil in vegetable oils It is better, the stability value is 1.2, and other fats and oils are 1.0 or less, such as soybean oil, sunflower oil, etc. Fats with low stability value are not suitable for frying oil.

Therefore, the nutritional value of meat products is not much lost during frying. In contrast, some unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidant vitamins are easily oxidized during frying. Therefore, from this perspective, nuts and fruits are not recommended. Fried, in contrast, steaming, boiling can soften the plant cell wall, easier to digest and absorb by the body.

In addition, with the development of new food technology, foods that were not suitable for frying may also be fried, such as ice cream.

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