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Precautions for the Use of Fryer and Daily Maintenance

Aug. 24, 2020

The operation sequence of fried food production line equipment:

1. Cleaning: cleaning the hard objects and residues in the pan and pipeline of the fryer production line.

2. Trial operation: turn on the slag scraping belt, upper and lower mesh belts, lifting, fume exhaust fans and circulating pumps in sequence, and observe the operating direction of the equipment, whether there is a jamming phenomenon and whether there is liquid leakage.

3. Refueling: Before refueling, completely clean the water and hard residues inside the pot and the pipeline. Add oil to 30-50mm above the lower mesh belt (add edible oil according to the actual situation of the fried product).

4. Heating: Before heating, ensure the oil level to cover the mesh belt.

5. Operation: switch the heating control for heating or not, and set the frying temperature as required. When the set temperature is reached, it can be fried.

6. Turn on the oil fume exhaust fan, slag scraper belt, upper and lower mesh belt, and circulation pump in sequence.

7. Check the pipelines and valves, and turn on the circulating pump.

Fried Food Production Line

Fried Food Production Line

Special notes for safety:

★Coarse filtration: Lift and clean up every half an hour.

★Receiving slag box: Pour when it is full, and it is strictly forbidden to stay in the equipment for more than 1 hour. The filter residue is placed in the water to cool completely and away from the equipment.

★Scraper belt: Continue to run for 15-30 minutes after production.

★Raising the mesh belt: After frying, cut off the heating power and lift the mesh belt holder after 30 minutes. Prevent the residual heat from the heater from causing the residue to catch fire.

★Bumper: After the equipment is lifted into place, the bumper must be inserted before other equipment operations can be carried out.

★Fire extinguishing system: After the solenoid valve safety pin is pulled out, the measurement and control power supply of the fire extinguisher cannot be cut off after the frying is finished.

Daily maintenance of the frying machine:

1. After the equipment is used for a week, tighten the bolts, paying special attention to the tightness of the AC contactor terminal and chain and screws.

2. Equipment cleaning, refuse to use strong acid and alkali to clean frying equipment.

3. The equipment is cleaned once every two weeks. The cleaning method: add water, add edible alkali or detergent, heat to about 50 degrees, turn on the mesh belt, and cook for 60 minutes. Use a soft brush to clean the mesh belt, mesh belt bracket, and Oily impurities on the inner surface of the pot. Drain the water gun to clean the attachment.

4. Water gun spraying is prohibited at the electric control box and heating pipe. The electric control box is cleaned monthly to prevent short circuits.

5. The equipment must be thoroughly cleaned if it is not used for a long time.

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