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Meat Slicer Buying Guide: how to choose the right meat slicer(2)

Feb. 25, 2021

Meat Slicer Buying Guide: how to choose the right meat slicer(2)

Hand-operated slicers are much more cost-effective so if your business does not call for constant slicing, this choice would be a far better suit.

Belt vs. Equipment Drives
Many producers use both belt and gear-driven meat slicers, which is one more particular you require to consider. Belt-driven slicers are more economical as well as can be located on any type of slicer from light task to heavy-duty. They're quiet to run but also need regular upkeep tightening up or replacing belts as needed.
Gear-driven slicers are a much more costly option as well as are more frequently found on the standard to strong versions. Gear-driven transmissions tend to be extra dependable and long-lasting with slicers that remain in continuous use cutting difficult or frozen meats and cheese. Though they do need less regular upkeep than belt-driven slicers if something does fail the service bill will certainly be a lot more considerable than a broken belt.

Cleaning & Maintenance
The possibility of cross-contamination is extremely high with blade slicers that are utilized to reduce both raw as well as icy meat in addition to cheese as well as vegetables. It's incredibly vital to maintaining your equipment clean as well as sterilized in order to maintain your consumers' security along with complying with stringent food-safe regulations.
Picking a meat slicer that's simple to clean is one more element to take into consideration. Removable components, big spaces in between elements, and the lack of small areas or splits that trap microorganisms are all attributes you must seek in a meat slicer. Some even included a convenient "kickstand" leg that lets you easily clean under and also around your meat slicer.
Maintaining you and also your employees secure while operating a meat slicer is a need. The sharp, as well as the quick-moving blade, can do a great deal of damage to a lost hand or finger, so along with appropriate training, it's extremely essential to locate a meat slicer that supplies safeguards versus usual as well as serious injuries.
Several slicers included knife guards that cover as much of the blade as feasible. Some versions also have it permanently connected so the blade stays covered also when removed from the slicer for cleansing. Some slicers have specific start placements that the tray requires to be in for it to turn on, making sure hands, as well as fingers, are kept away from the blade. Automobile shut-offs are additionally included on some versions that aid stop crashes.

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