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Industrial Automatic Fryer

Sep. 09, 2020

The main features of the electric conveyor fryer:

1. Through electrical control, when the oil temperature is higher than the set temperature, the heating device stops heating, and when the oil temperature is lower than the set temperature, the heating device starts heating to ensure products at frying temperature and improve product quality.

2. Ensure that the fried products are even and prevent the products from sticking to each other due to compression.

3. The automatic fryer can automatically fry all deep-fried foods in batches, the frying time is adjustable, the frying speed is controlled, and the oil is automatically drained. The accuracy of fuel-saving is up to 50%, and the oil temperature: 50℃~220 ℃ is adjustable.

4. This is different from another fryer on the market, which runs continuously. This machine has small floor space, low energy consumption, low fuel consumption, and low fuel consumption, as long as 100 --- 150 pounds of oil.

5. The biggest technical feature and advantage: this machine does not have fried mushy things, small things are at the bottom of the oil, we only heat the fried layer, so the food is not sticky, and there is a mushy residue that will not stick to the place. In terms of food, it will never affect the taste of food. It is convenient and time-saving to clean it 2-3 times a year. This stuff is made of gas and coal-fired fryer. Fried food production line; suitable for small and medium-sized food processing enterprises.

Electric Conveyor Fryer

Electric Conveyor Fryer

About installation:

1. The installation of each bolt must be adjusted to ensure that the machine runs smoothly. Follow the instructions to install the distribution box in place.

2. Refuel in moderation.

3. The power cord is connected firmly, and the power cord must be above 25m² (rated current 200A). The upstream power supply must have a leakage protection device (the leakage protection switch is 250A).

4. When debugging new equipment, someone must be at the worksite and immediately find the electrical equipment failure and repair it.


1. For a non-dry heating tube, the oil must exceed the height of the preheating tube.

2. You must work with the on-site personnel and wait for someone to cut off the power while the machine is working.

3. Wear protective equipment when working to prevent burns

4. On the side of the distribution box, spray is prohibited to prevent electric shock.

5. The equipment must be grounded.

Operation and maintenance of the automatic fryer

1. Before starting the switch, please check whether the connection parts of all power cords are tight and whether the oil is correctly filled before starting.

2. Frequently check whether the bolt fastening line is loose

3. When not in use for a long time, please drain the water from the water tank and wipe the surface with oil.

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