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Introduction of High Speed Horizontal Mixer

Jun. 05, 2020

Dough Mixer

Dough Mixer

Our high speed dough mixer is suitable for all types of dough including hard and soft biscuits, biscuits, biscuits, snacks, soft dough, etc.

The dough mixing is carried out by rotating the mixing arm, which has SILVESTRI's specially designed drop-shaped profile to ensure a highly homogeneous composition. The absence of a central horizontal axis facilitates easy dough expulsion and bowl cleaning/hygiene.

The cast stainless steel mixing arm is driven by oil-immersed mechanical reduction gears.

The main structure of the dough mixer is coated with polyurethane enamel paint and protected by removable or removable stainless steel cladding for component inspection and/or maintenance.

Made of SUS304 stainless steel and fitted with coat throughout its shape for forced circulation cooling/heating of the liquid. Dough temperature control is measured by sensors.

The bowl can be tilted through the hydraulic cylinder, providing dual tilting (forward and backward) mechanisms with gears. You can always stop the bowl anywhere to add a small number of ingredients by hand.

The bowl cover has a fixed cover with a dust-proof rubber gasket and has connectors for automatic loading of solid and liquid components and/or an open door for adding secondary components. The main components are designed to last for the life of the machine, thus minimizing maintenance costs.

The control panel on the front of the machine is equipped with a touch screen and PLC for automatic circulation (optional formula management), which can save processing steps. Or with timers and buttons for manual commands.PLC control makes it easy to operate. Maintain a clean/easy-to-clean design where dough residues in the mixing bowl are negligible and easy to use to minimize cleaning requirements.Dough mixers have jackets for adding cooling or heating systems.

The standard power supply is 380V 50Hz. Voltages are available according to local demand.

High-speed mixing is a technology that is rapidly gaining popularity. Speed is the key to many fundamental advantages that can bring consistently high quality at an economical price.

Because the mixing process is quick and the batches are small for a given yield, the dough can reach the fermenting machine through a dispenser before starting to ferment while fresh. This ensures product consistency. For mixers that can quickly mix one batch of dough, productivity can also be achieved - while mixing one batch, another batch can be weighed. Taking into account loading and unloading, this method can produce 10 batches per hour, 170 to 385 kg each.

While meeting the bakers' needs for hygiene, ease of cleaning, and minimum maintenance time, the materials comply with good manufacturing practices, and the surfaces close to or in contact with the products are made of stainless steel, many of which have food-grade coatings.



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