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Thoroughly Create a Clean and Safe Environment -- for Air Sterilization

Apr. 30, 2020

The outbreak of COVID-19 has brought us not only harm and panic but also an examination of the health of our lifestyle and the safety of our living environment. The spread of the epidemic is wide, fast and the way of transmission of the virus has a lot to do with: through droplets and other forms, the virus in the air! Not only the mouth and nose but even the conjunctiva of the eyes are susceptible to infection.

Traditional shoppers, the main products are peracetic acid 84 disinfectant Lysol, chemical reagents, such as 84 disinfectant for example 84 disinfectant was developed in 84, with sodium hypochlorite as main ingredients, sodium hypochlorite is a kind of strong excitant disinfectant, must be harmful to the human body, mainly is suitable for public places, toilet, walls, furniture and so on the construction of disinfection, and not suitable for the human body. If it is for the human body, it must be diluted to a very thin state, so it is not recommended to use the human body. The harm that USES human body, one is to cutaneous stimulation, absorb through the skin additionally for a long time can be opposite viscera, for example, kidney, another place also can cause an adverse reaction, because be opposite to human body harmful, do not suggest to use.

For example Lysol water and another relatively mild chemical disinfectant, soluble in water can kill bacterial propagators and certain lipophilic viruses. The specific usage is can pass after diluent clothing soak will disinfect, after diluent wipes indoor furniture, the floor will undertake to disinfect.

For topical cleaning, you may use potassium permanganate (PP powder) and bleach solution.1%-3% the bleach solution can be used to spray or wipe the bathroom, toilet; The bleach fluid of 0.5% still can immerse bowl cup, spittoon, bedpan, the shirt that contaminate reaches bedsheet to wait, achieve the purpose of disinfection half an hour.

A lot of time the smell of disinfectant in the room will be diffuse for a few days, in fact, this taste will slowly weaken the resistance of people. Still have a lot of people not to notice, in order to figure cheap and use chlorine-containing disinfectant, the biggest advantage of this chlorine-containing disinfectant is the obvious bactericidal effect. However, at the same time of sterilization, chlorine disinfectant will remain in the air not volatile, and pollution of water, more terrible is its three effect - carcinogenic, teratogenic, genetic mutation, will cause considerable harm to the human body.

In addition, some people are not willing to use disinfectants but to use an air freshener. In fact, air fresheners do not sterilize at all, they can only cover up indoor odor. However, the long-term use of air freshener, people will feel headache, nausea, if there is an allergy at home, but also easy to cause allergies, asthma, and other diseases.

So, if you ask a professional doctor, experts will never recommend that you use these chemicals for sterilization, especially for indoor air environment, more will recommend that you open the window ventilation! On the one hand, ventilation can breathe fresh air, wet wipe also eliminates the dust in the air, and then kill bacteria; On the other hand, it prevents us from being exposed to toxic chemicals all the time!

In the face of invisible, scratching virus bacteria, we don't just for fixed pollutants, such as traditional Xiaoshan products are for the garbage, indoor furniture, floor, walls, etc for sterilization (by wiping, soaking disinfection), more should exist in the air and spread, the random drift of harmful composition, bacteria to kill! Not only blindly in order to kill the virus and bacteria regardless of the consequences of the elimination of the kill, but sterilization at the same time let people also "suffer from its harm" endure the secondary pollution injury, as a result of the elimination of the kill as a last resort to do the "drudgery", avoid!

Elimination should be the air and the solid pollutants can play a high-efficiency sterilization disinfection effect, and there is no secondary pollution, natural harmless, really can bring clean air clean environment, everyone is willing to go to long-term adhere to do things!

Ultrasonic Atomization Disinfection Machine

Ultrasonic Atomization Disinfection Machine

Ultrasonic atomization disinfection machine internal use integrated type Ultrasonic machine, no mechanical drive, no noise, atomization of high efficiency, low failure rate, protect a brief moment, the active control, the overall output of fog particle diameter of only 1 to 10 mu, choose stainless steel box body, surface coating processing, beautiful and easy, and is equipped with a water tank. The disinfection liquid medicine after ultrasonic atomization spray to the disinfection, reach the purpose of disinfection of air, the disinfection medicine fog particles for Φ only 0.55 mm, suspension point in the space of more than 2 hours will corner all kill bacteria.

Ultrasonic spray disinfection pause with ultrasonic atomization technology, electronic overclocking shocks (oscillation frequency is 1.7 MHz, more than one hearing scope, the animals unique to the human body injury), after atomization of high-frequency resonance, the potion clear of the water and produce natural spray, disinfectant into 1-10 microns diameter micro fog particles, and put it into the space required for disinfection, to kill the effect of air bacteria and pathogenic microorganism. Compared with the ultraviolet ray and fulbalin fumigation, the effect of sterilization on the human body is obviously improved.

Advantages of a sterilizing machine:

1. Quickly kill all kinds of bacteria, fungi, viruses and other harmful microorganisms, can be used for a long time, will not make the bacteria resistant;

2. Extremely low corrosion, long-term use will not cause corrosion to various metal surfaces;

3. Active degradation after sterilization, the spray water can be directly discharged, safe, environmentally friendly, and pollution-free.


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