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What Is An Ultrasonic Spray Disinfection Machine?

Aug. 03, 2020

Ultrasonic atomization disinfection machine uses an integrated ultrasonic core, no mechanical drive, no noise, high atomization efficiency, low failure rate, simple maintenance, automatic time control, and the output of the whole machine The diameter is only 1-10μ, the cabinet is made of stainless steel, and the exterior is sprayed, which is beautiful and elegant. The disinfectant liquid is sprayed into the required disinfection room after ultrasonic atomization to achieve the purpose of disinfecting the air. The disinfectant mist particles are only It is 0 55mm, and it will kill all the bacteria in the dead corner for more than two hours.

Dough Mixer manufacturer introduces to you:

Principle characteristics of ultrasonic atomization disinfection machine

Ultrasonic atomization disinfection machine is widely used. The spray is harmless to the human body and can disinfect at the same time. When passing through the disinfection room, the clothes will not even get wet. Atomized disinfection will be followed by more slightly acidic electrolyzed water and more professional machines. The diluted 84 disinfectant is just a transition.

Ultrasonic Atomization Disinfection Machine

Ultrasonic Atomization Disinfection Machine

The machine uses an ultrasonic vibrator to atomize the disinfectant and then surround the virus or bacteria to achieve the effect of sterilization. The principle is to pass through the water evaporation tank, and then the water will be sent to the top of the wet film through the water pump and distributor. Under the action of gravity, the water will return to the main water tank through the wet film to achieve an internal circulation. When the outside air passes through the wet film, it will fully contact the wet film and filter out some particles and viruses such as dust, so as to achieve the effect of disinfection.

The above is the introduction to the principle and characteristics of the ultrasonic atomization disinfection machine. In general, it uses ultrasonic atomization technology, electronic over-frequency oscillation (the oscillation frequency is 1.7MHz, which exceeds the range of human hearing, and will not harm human animals). The high-frequency resonance of the chemical film throws the potion away from the water surface to produce a natural and elegant water mist, atomizes the disinfectant into fine mist particles with a diameter of 1-10 microns, and sprays it into the space required for disinfection to achieve killing The effect of airborne bacteria and pathogenic microorganisms. Compared with disinfection methods such as ultraviolet rays and formalin fumigation, the effect of sterilization on the human body has been significantly improved and improved.

The spray disinfection machine uses the following disinfectant:

1. The liquid medicine in the car atomizer is mainly made of several natural ultrafine tourmalines and other composite powder inorganic materials as the main raw materials and is produced through ultrafine processing, scientific formula and mixing, and other processes. Pyroelectric and piezoelectric effects;

2. In the case of temperature and pressure changes (even small changes) or when excited by other energy, it will generate an electric charge, release a large number of negative ions, and can emit far-infrared version of the line that is beneficial to the human body, with special electromagnetic wave protection Function, can antibacterial and sterilize, eliminate odor, improve air quality, and quickly remove residues such as formaldehyde, ammonia, benzene and other toxic gases after home decoration;

3. If you add alcohol and disinfectant water, it can be added right, but it often does not give full play to the original effect. It may also affect the respiratory system of people with special constitutions.

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