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What Is Pasteurization Sterilize Machine?

Jul. 06, 2020

Pasteurization sterilize machine, is a machine specially used for pasteurization.

The so-called pasteurization, also known as pasteurization, was first used to sterilize milk. Its purpose is to kill all harmful microorganisms (including all pathogenic bacteria) that may be present in milk. Before the invention of pasteurization, countless people contracted tuberculosis in Europe by drinking raw milk or eating dairy products. Since antibiotics were not invented at the time, there were countless people who died of tuberculosis. But since pasteurization has been widely used, people who contract the disease because of drinking milk have been rare. But there are also places in the world where people like to drink raw milk, for example, Inner Mongolia in our country. According to a survey by scientists, 10.6% of the tuberculosis patients in the herdsmen of Inner Mongolia have the habit of drinking raw milk.

Therefore, the pasteurization of milk is a necessary process before drinking milk. Some people think that the taste of fresh milk is better. For the health of themselves and their families, it is recommended that fresh milk be consumed after pasteurization.

There are two main types of pasteurization methods used internationally:

1 Heat the milk to 62-65°C for 30 minutes. This method is rarely used in Guangdong. Using this method, it can kill all kinds of growth pathogenic bacteria in milk, and the sterilization efficiency can reach 97.3%-99.9%. After disinfection, only some thermophilic bacteria, heat-resistant bacteria, and spores remain, but The majority of bacteria are lactic acid bacteria, which are not only harmless to humans but also beneficial to health.

Pasteurization Sterilize Machine

Pasteurization Sterilize Machine

2. Heat the milk to 75-90℃, keep it warm for 15-16 seconds, its sterilization time is shorter, and the working efficiency is higher. But the basic principle of sterilization is that it can kill the pathogenic bacteria. If the temperature is too high, there will be more nutrient loss. The temperature of the pasteurization method is 63-85℃ high temperature disinfection:

High-temperature sterilization: The so-called high-temperature sterilization, also known as sterile sterilization, generally uses high-pressure and high-temperature methods to raise the temperature to above 120°C to kill bacteria.

The difference between pasteurization and high-temperature disinfection is that pasteurization only kills more than 90% of harmful bacteria in milk, but retains most of the beneficial bacteria. The high-temperature disinfection is to kill all bacteria, whether it is beneficial or not, usually milk powder, and most of the various "milk", "fruit milk" and "fresh milk" are disinfected by aseptic.

The only yogurt is pasteurized and stored at an appropriate temperature to further ferment the beneficial bacteria in the milk slurry, grow it, and then drink it. So why many people are willing to drink yogurt. The main difference is here.

Range of use

Pasteurization is also used to sterilize beer, liquor, etc. The beer that has been pasteurized is called cooked beer, which is an ordinary beer; without pasteurization, the beer that can only be frozen and kept fresh is the draft beer.



A pasteurization cabinet made for the basic principles of pasteurization is also called a pasteurization machine. Generally have the necessary characteristics and functions

1. Heating and temperature control, this is the iconic function of pasteurization. The accuracy of temperature control directly reflects the quality of the machine.

2. Stirring and uniformity, this is also a necessary function, because the machine will stick to the bottom of the pot during the heating process, which can be solved by adding evenly mixing. In addition, if the milk slurry is stored for too long, it may cause precipitation and need to be stirred. Homogeneous.

3. Rapid cooling, this is a derivative function of the machine, but if there is refrigeration, the machine can quickly reach a recognized temperature, through accurate temperature control, to achieve, and the cooling function can save time, To prevent the milk slurry from deteriorating and smelling at high temperature, and easy to store.

4. Insulation storage, this function provides users with very convenient.


The machine is very convenient to install, just like household appliances, the difference is that the power is relatively large, and some need to use three-phase electricity. Therefore, it is recommended to install it by a professional electrician. If it is water-cooled, you need a water source to connect the water pipe, you must be professional!


This machine generally has the following four functions:

1. Pasteurization, which is the heating process

2. Quick cooling

3. The process of stirring

4. Milk paste after refrigeration and sterilization. Can be stored for 3-10 days

These buttons on the machine can be understood at a glance. Among them, there is a button for the whole process, which is intelligent, just click it, and other program machines will automatically operate intelligently.

Another problem is the handling of the feed. This type of machine is usually operated manually, and the feed is poured directly into it. Discharge through a faucet device.

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