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What Should You Pay Attention To When Buying a Meat Cutter

Mar. 12, 2021

What Should You Pay Attention To When Buying a Meat Cutter

The quality of everything in life is a must; therefore, some meat-cutters will pay high prices for their attention to detail. It is important to know the size and type of slicer you want. Do you need it for home or larger work? What type of motor (if electric) does the meat slicer have? Ease of use, blades, and adjustable thickness cutting is essential, and when buying a meat Slicer. Finally, when it comes to super sharp, fast-rotating blades, safety is the most important thing!


The motor of the meat slicer is usually low horsepower, but the drive gear is high performance. The speed of most meat slicers exceeds 250 rpm, so the motor needs to be fast! Cars rarely break down. Home cooks may never encounter this problem. For commercial-sized meat cutters, the motor rarely burns out. If so, the warranty may still be valid, or the replacement parts online may be easy to find.


Due to the task at hand, the blades of the meat slicer must be very sharp. The blades need to rotate at a very high speed, so keeping it straight and without any airflow is crucial! The most important thing about the meat cleaver is that it must be stainless steel. The durability of stainless steel will remain sharp and will not rust. In addition, stainless steel can maintain its shape again and again.


How thin or thick you want this slice of bread is up to you. All the meat slices were cut almost as thin as paper. Each slice has a thickness of 0.2mm-0.6mm! On the other hand, most slicers can cut thick bacon slices up to an inch wide! Using your owner's manual will ensure that your meat slicer is set up correctly to get what you need The best slice.


The speed of the stainless steel metal blade exceeds 250 rpm, which can cause damage to the fingers, that's for sure! But don't worry, since van Berkel invented the meat slicer, safety has been reflected in the meat slicer. Be sure to read the manual first! Wear cut-resistant gloves. Lock the blade when not in use. When cleaning, if it is charged, be sure to unplug the power plug. Always make sure that the switch and safety switch of the switch is in the correct position.

Ease of use

Because the task of the meat slicer is very simple, it is also very simple to use. Put the meat in the compartment and lock it. Set the thickness you want. Turn on the blade and let the meat or cheese pass through the blade. Hang the delicious meat and cheese with parchment paper on the other side! As long as you pay attention and follow all safety rules, everything will become easy and delicious!

The reason for the loud noise of the meat slicer is due to cleaning. Keeping it clean every time you use it helps eliminate noise. If necessary, disassembling the meat slicer and cleaning the gears and/or belts will ensure a smooth sliding down of the meat slide.

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