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Meat Slicer Buying Guide: how to choose the right meat slicer(1)

Feb. 20, 2021

Meat Slicer Buying Guide: how to choose the right meat slicer(1)
Investing in a meat slicer might conserve you and your workers' hours of repetitive, exhausting, and also in some cases hazardous manual labor. Thoroughly cutting meat, cheese, and also veggies by hand is time-consuming as well as typically hard to accomplish thin, uniform pieces. Therefore, injuries, as well as wasted product, occur regularly, which do not assist your company to grow and also thrive.
With a meat slicer, you'll have the ability to invest much less time cutting products by hand while assisting even more consumers and being able to give a quick solution with extraordinary outcomes.
crucial factors to think about
As soon as you have actually narrowed down what you'll be slicing and also exactly how frequently your slicer will certainly be running for, you'll require to that take into consideration the adhering to characteristics before making your acquisition.
Blade Size
The size of the blade is a crucial factor to consider. Blades vary in sizes in between 8 and 14 inches with the smaller 8 or 9-inch blades found on light responsibility slicers and the 13 or 14-inch blades found on strong models. The bigger the blade, the simpler and also quicker it's mosting likely to be to cut through the meat. Bigger blades are also a lot more equipped to handle items like cheese and frozen meats or veggies.
Horsepower & Torque
The power behind the blade also identifies how regularly the meat slicer can be made use of. Slicers with a higher horsepower have the ability to run for longer periods of time, which implies you're most likely to locate them on the heavy-duty versions.
Product Tray Size
The tray dimension figures out exactly how large the slab of meat can be in order for the slicer to work. Product trays vary in dimensions anywhere.
Be sure to remember the size of products you'll be cutting in order to pick a slicer that will certainly be able to hold it and manage its weight also.
Manual vs. Automatic
An additional aspect you'll intend to think about is whether your business would profit more from an automatic meat slicer versus a manual one. Automatic slicers have the power to relocate the product tray backward and forward without any support, implying you or your staff members could multitask as well as assist even more clients while the maker does all the work. Automatic slicers can be used by hand also. This sort of slicer would certainly benefit large as well as active grocery stores and also delis with heavy traffic and a lot of cutting to keep up with.

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