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Some Problems About Dough Mixer

Dec. 07, 2020

Some Problems About Dough Mixer

The Dough Mixer is a kind of pasta machinery, which mainly mixes flour and water evenly. When the kneading machine often used in restaurant kitchens fails, what are the reasons? Today, the Dough mixer manufacturer will give you a brief introduction, hoping to help you.

1.Common problems of dough mixer

Fault 1: Water leaks on both sides of the dough mixer.

Reason: The oil seals on both sides of the dough mixer are damaged.

Solution: Replace the oil seal of the same type.

Fault 2: The dough mixer squeezes the black noodles.

Reasons: 1. The gap between the auger shaft of the dough mixer and the buckets on both sides is large; 2. The oil seal is damaged.

Solution: 1. Check whether the auger shaft is worn or not, and re-weld it; 2. Replace the oil seal of the same model.

Fault 3: The kneading machine is weak.

Reasons: 1. The V-belt of the dough mixer is loose during use; 2. The voltage is low or lack phase power; 3. The motor of the dough mixer is damaged, weak, and can't move;

Solution: 1. Tighten the V-belt; 2. Re-adjust the power supply; 3. Replace or repair the motor.

Fault 4:The dough mixer is noisy.

Causes: 1. The gear tooth clearance is too large or too small; 2. The kneading machine bearing is damaged; 3. The kneading machine vibrates;

Solution: 1. Adjust the tooth gap; 2. Replace the bearing of the same model; 3. Tighten the motor screws and fix the dough mixer.

Fault 5:When the dough mixer reverses, the bucket falls outward.

The cause of the failure: the positioning pin of the dough mixer is bent.

Solution: 1. Replace the positioning pin; 2. Process another one; 3. Correct and process on the basis of the original parts.

Some Problems About Dough Mixer

2.Instructions for the dough mixer

1)Turn on the power and check the direction of rotation. (The stirrer turns backward)

2)The operation should be stable and no abnormal noise.

3)The four feet of the machine should be leveled, and the multi-function mixer should reduce vibration; connect the ground wire at the bottom of the frame (equipotential wiring terminal) to prevent leakage of electricity.

4)Check whether the fasteners are loose, and check whether the power cord switch is in good condition.

3.Cleaning and maintenance

1)Frequently check the fasteners of various parts during use, and tighten them in time if they are loose.

2)The amount of flour added during mixing should not exceed the capacity of the noodle bucket, so as not to burn the motor.

3) If the oil is found on the dough, it should be repaired in time and the oil seal should be replaced.

4)The machine should be cleaned in time after use, so as not to affect its reuse.

5)When cleaning, the height of water in the noodle bucket should not exceed the lowest point of the shaft to prevent water from overflowing from the shaft hole of the side plate of the noodle bucket or flowing into the interlayer of the side plate and affecting the service life.

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