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What Are The Advantages Of a Steam Jacketed Kettle?

Dec. 03, 2020

What Are The Advantages Of a Steam Jacketed Kettle?

Because of their low price and ease of use, soup pots have long been a necessity in almost every commercial kitchen.

However, although soup pots are very popular, they are a great limitation for cooks, not to mention they require extra labor, lots of burner space, and slow cooking time. Add to that the problems associated with handling large soup pots and these staples seem like an outdated solution. Here are some advantages of a steam jacketed kettle.

Higher quality

Steam cooking is the quality of food that can be produced in a kettle with a steam jacket. Commercial kettles heat their contents from all sides of the unit, providing a mild and uniform heat that enables you to consistently boil, stew, saute, and stew without human intervention. The accuracy of the kettle temperature control also means that you can reduce the risk of the product burning or overcooking.

Higher productivity

The steam sandwich pot cooks faster than a soup pot that uses a higher temperature only at the bottom because two-thirds of the cooking surface comes into contact with the product at a lower temperature. Cooking with high-powered steam can not only produce food more quickly, but it can also be used in a wide variety of cooking applications, which means the kitchen is more productive.

Less labor 

One of the main advantages of using a kettle is that it saves labor for your business. Consider what a labor-intensive soup pot is: If you want a perfectly cooked product, you need to constantly monitor, stir, and adjust the temperature. Improper care can lead to food waste and burning. In addition, kettles are very fast and easy to clean, which means your staff can spend less time scrubbing soup pots and more time cooking!

Greater profits

It is not hard to understand why operators report amazing returns on investment by switching to stockpots rather than stockpots. In addition to significant time and labor savings, kettles also reduce food waste, which is due to not overcooking and burning. When removing contents from the kettle, it also reduces food waste because the butterfly-shaped tip pours the product accurately without worrying about spills.


For every liter of liquid in a soup pot, the weight increases by four kilograms - boiling cold or hot. This means that a partially filled 40-liter soup pot can weigh more than 30kg, posing a significant risk to kitchen staff when moved manually. From spill to burn, transferring products to a soup pot of any size can be very dangerous, while a kettle can be safely and easily extracted.


Kettles use, on average, 35% less energy than a regular pot compared to an open burner, while still keeping the kitchen cool. The kettle offers faster cooking times and the ability to operate from existing steam sources, so operators can reduce utility bills and save energy.

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