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The Fundamentals of a Bread Mixer

Apr. 23, 2020

Stirring is what we commonly call "kneading noodles." Gluten is a dense, networked, and elastic structure made of wheat protein. After adding water to the flour, through continuous stirring, the protein in the flour will gradually gather and form gluten.

The longer it is stirred, the more gluten is formed. The gluten can wrap the air produced by the yeast fermentation, forming countless tiny pores. After baking, the protein solidifies, forming a strong structure, and supporting the structure of the bread.

When making bread with modern machinery, the most important process that can show the pros and cons of personal skills is the high speed dough mixer. Because it tests the ability of eyes, ears, hands, and other visual, auditory, and tactile sensations. It's not too much to say that the quality of bread depends on the mixing process.

Type of mixer:

In the cooking school, there are generally two kinds of mixers. When learning, the teacher will mark the corresponding mixing time and the type of mixer according to different bread recipes. Because beginners cannot judge when to stop mixing according to the state of the dough, the mixing time in the recipe It seems particularly important, but in fact, as the production experience grows, the mixing time specified in some books is not the only criterion for us.

Regarding the basic concept of dough mixer for  hamburger, today I will introduce three important mixers for everyone to understand.

High Speed Horizontal Dough Mixer

High Speed Horizontal Dough Mixer

1. Spiral mixer

Because the protein content of wheat flour in France is not high, a bread mixer that has to adapt to less gluten is used. The mixer developed on this basis is characterized by slow and uniform stirring and the maximum possible gluten formation. This is widely used in the world Ou'er mixer/

2. Inclined mixer

This is a tool for making authentic French blends. It is specially designed to deal with the low wheat protein situation in Europe. It simulates the state of manual noodles and slowly stirs to form gluten sufficiently to make a French blend in the hearts of Chinese people. The current Asian version The machine is relatively rare, and it is generally used in professional schools in Japan. Due to the high price of the machine, it is basically replaced by the spiral mixer.

3. Vertical mixer

This mixer is the most commonly used mixer. It is very practical and can replace various mixing hooks to mix various doughs. The speed is generally adjustable in four gears. On this basis, there are the most advanced mixers. Speed mixer.4. Household small mixer

The principle is the same as the vertical mixer, and the smaller size is suitable for home baking mixers, usually called chef machines.

Assuming that all types of mixers work for one minute at the same time, their rotation speeds are different due to the different rotation speeds, so the state of the same amount of dough is different after one minute, so the mixing time will vary according to different mixers and formulas. What is the specific difference? The efficiency of the spiral mixer is very high, which is faster than other mixers, but it is easy to over-mix, which leads to the phenomenon of lacing, so pay special attention to the middle and later stages of mixing. The oblique mixer is slower and gentler than the spiral type. "If you observe the mixing trajectory of this mixer, it seems to return to the feeling that the two people were playing dough with their hands." Both the spiral type and the oblique type are mixing the dough by continuous rotation, but the rotation angle is different because the angle of rotation of the oblique type It's better. Wrap more oxygen into the dough than the spiral mixer when mixing the dough. It's more suitable for the method of mixing with large pores, but also don't beat too much, too much oxygen is not good, vertical mixer, It is a universal blender that can be widely used in the production of various bread and biscuits, although the efficiency when mixing the dough Not high, but it can also meet the production of many bread recipes. No matter which type of mixer is used, it is necessary to fully understand the stirring rotation rate of various speed settings. This is very important, and there is also the friction coefficient of the mixer. Calculation method.

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